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Xi'an IC Industry Center (XAIC)

As a subsidiary of Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Technology, XAIC accepts the industry guide and business outsourcing from related governmental authorities, to organize, harmonize, guide, and promote Xi'an IC industry development. XAIC also bulid, manage, and serve XAICC. To integrate the advantage resources, build supporting platform, and foster innovation spring, with the mission to create good environment, improve service system, provide the best service, XAIC has become local IC industry service and cooperation platform.

Xi'an IC Design Incubator (XAICI)

XAICI is professional to incubate and develop IC design house, to incubate the small, to cultivate medium and support the strong, to foster innovation IC design house, attract and provide the overseas returners start-ups the comprehensive services on start-up environment, technical supportand and industry consulting, etc.XAICI is already the cradle of IC design incubators, the development supply station and industry integrated platform.

Shaanxi Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA)

SSIA is a provincial industry non-profit social semiconductor organization with independent legal personality, composed by Shaanxi IC, semiconductor discrete devices, material, equipment on manufacturing, design, research, R & D, operation, application, education, etc. related enterprises, institutes, universities and colleges, etc. SSIA is bridge between the government and industry, industry communication and cooperation.

Shaanxi Semiconductor Application Union (SSAU)

SSAU providing an industrial service platform for enterprises, universities, research institutes and government bodies, is set to promote the close combination among R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, marketing and application of chip, devices and equipment materials for semiconductor, PV, LED industries. It will also make full use of its abundant resources and facilitate the integration of semiconductor industrial chain and industrialization of enterprises' products.

Xi'an Microelectronics Technology Training Center(XAICTC)

To better support the development of integrated circuit industry in the western region to fill blank chain, to help design and application of chip unit shorten product development cycle, to fully understand the product performance, and strictly control product quality, the national integrated circuit design Xi'an industrialization base in 2013 began to raise build Xi'an IC testing center and supporting service platform.

After more than two years of unremitting efforts, the center of the laboratory [a] has been officially completed in October 15, and from now on for the public to open the industry. Whether enterprises or individual practitioners, can be paid to use the center of the full set of testing equipment and equipment, and to obtain a professional technical team to improve the service. We will adapt to the needs of the market and users, continued investment, sound development, the center will be built into a base in the west, the country's first class engineering test service platform.

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